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We offer just the most noteworthy quality Demolition Service in Allatoona. Our goal is to meet or exceed all scheduling and cost performance goals while insuring strict compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations as well as LEEDS goals.

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We take each demolition in Allatoona, GA seriously and put in all our effort and focus on a safe and successful demolition process. No project is too small for us. We got crews that specialize in demolition and other team members that focus on decommissioning and abatement.. ​All our Allatoona, Georgia demolition contractors and engineers are fully licensed and backup checks have been conducted on each and every one of them

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The greatest part of what we do (besides being fully professional and ensuring safety), is the fact that we offer top-notch demolition procedures at the smallest cost possible. We don’t have a flat “per square” price that applies to everyone. We consider the building materials, the area in which it’s located, and thus how easy it is to take it down but most importantly: we consider you.

Trinity Industrial Services in Allatoona, GA

Trinity provides a complete range of services from commercial demolition to complex structural demolition and the dismantling of industrial structures and equipment in Allatoona, GA. We design and perform all our services to meet the time and cost needs of our clients while complying with all OSHA Health and Safety Regulations.

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we pride ourselves on taking advantage of all opportunities in material recycling while maintaining minimal impacts on the job site, the environment, and ongoing operations surrounding the job‐site area. Our services are provided by the most efficient, best trained, knowledgeable, and safety conscious personnel in the industry.

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Our company has been conducting total & partial demolitions for a great number of years in Allatoona, GA. We have been rated as the #1 deconstruction company in the whole Allatoona, GA metropolitan area. You can have a look at our reviews on our website and we can even provide you with phone numbers of past clients, whom you can contact yourself.

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​That’s right! We will be bringing the smartest knives in the drawer to the project and the brightest people in Allatoona, Georgia, to handle your project. Our love for teamwork is probably the main thing that sets us apart and makes us the top demolition company in Allatoona, GA. We are your top demolition specialists!

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You don’t have to worry about a thing. Get on the phone with us, express your wish to us, and some detail on the project. We will then arrange an appointment, in which not only will you receive a detailed demolition quote and bid, but you will also get ideas and advice from our top demolition consultants.

Trinity Industrial Services Allatoona,  GA

That building isn’t going to come down by itself (unless a big hurricane hits it.) So what are you waiting for? Call us today! Put your faith and fate of that building – whether commercial or residential – in the best demolition contractor in Allatoona, Georgia. We promise you, you won’t regret it and it’ll be the best thing you do!

Demolition Service Allatoona GA
Demolition Service Allatoona GA
Demolition Service Allatoona GA
Demolition Service Allatoona GA

Allatoona is an unincorporated community in Bartow County, in the U.S. state of Georgia.[1] The community is located along Allatoona Creek, 6 miles (9.7 km) southeast of Cartersville.[1] It was once a small mining community until a dam was erected at the base of the Etowah river, completely flooding the town of Allatoona.

Allatoona was first founded in 1838.[2] One of the first official buildings was a small post office that was active until 1918.[2] Before the emergence of the civil war, the town became increasingly popular, people started coming to the town in search of gold and other resources; a silver mine was also located nearby that also brought miners to the small town. As well as a blacksmith, a small depot and a dry goods store.[2] A small Universalist church was built in 1910[2] which also functioned as a schoolhouse. The town later expanded and added a new school house site which would be located just a half mile southeast of the railroad that ran through town. John Clayton was among the first settlers to the town of Allatoona he was a rich slave owner and owned several plantations around the area.[2] Several of the founders including John Clayton are buried in the cemetery adjacent to the church. The graves of founders and other town folk can still be visited to this day.[2] Allatoona was also considered both an agricultural community and transportation crossroads established along Allatoona Creek at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains and best known for the battle of Allatoona Pass.[2]